Monday, September 20, 2010

Etsy Shop Update: Beaded Flower Pin, Cup Cozy, and & T Shirt Bags

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an Etsy team that I'm on. It's the Fashion Remix team, and they have a shop exclusively for items made mostly or entirely of reclaimed materials. I have a couple of things in there--these awesome t-shirt bags perfect for grocery shopping or trick-or-treating, and this great felted wool cup cozy that I hand-beaded and embellished. I encourage you to check out their listings, as well as the individual artisans who make up this talented team of sellers.

One reason I joined this team is because I'm devoting more time and energy to doing my Etsy shop "right"--making a cohesive, focused product line, taking uniform pictures, etc. Basically, making a store people want to shop at! And sometimes that means I make something that doesn't fit in with my primary product line. I feel that the Fashion Remix shop is a good way for me to keep making these other things that I enjoy and that I think my customers will love, without having a hodge-podge store front. So, shop there! It's great stuff!
That said, my product line in continues to develop in a good direction, and this week's addition is this very pretty beaded flower pin.

As I love to do so often, I made this piece out of reclaimed materials--a polyester scarf--and hand-beaded it to add a little pizazz. It's big and beautiful, and will turn an ordinary outfit into a stylish autumn ensemble in no time! And at $12, it's an absolute steal.

Shop eco-friendly this week and support some great artists in their crafty endeavor to make the world a cleaner, more stylish place!

Happy shopping!

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