Saturday, August 14, 2010

Etsy Shop Update: Custom Made Beaded Cuff

This project was one of much creative searching, inspiration, contemplation, and inner reflection. It is incredibly unique and made especially to match the funkier side of my personality, and I just have to say, it absolutely does. And it pleases me to say, it's BEAUTIFUL!

Because it has made such an impression on those who have seen it--and one friend in particular who received one as a gift--I have decided to update my Etsy shop with a listing for Custom Made Beaded Cuff Bracelets like this one.
No, it's not inexpensive, but they take at least 8 hours to make and are something so unique and expressive that there is no way you'll not LOVE this!

Here are some pics of the 2 I have made in this fashion so far.

The great thing about these bracelets is that they can come in any color and they're so personal when your own trinkets are thrown into the mix.

Not to mention that you will NEVER run into someone wearing the same fashion accessory! :D

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