Monday, December 7, 2009

Cop Costume

Finally got a picture! Silly me, forgot to take one after I made it. :P

My friend Nicole's husband is a police officer with our esteemed county Sheriff's Dept, and their 3 year old wanted to be a cop for Halloween. I cut a full-sized adult uniform (shirt and trousers)down to a 3T. At the time, I had never made a shirt with a proper collar OR pants of any kind. This project convinced me that I can conquer the world with just a needle and a thread, because it turned out pretty well!

I free-handed the pants, but for the shirt I bought a button-down collared shirt from the Salvation Army for $1 and cut it at the seams to make a pattern. I removed the badges and pockets, cut the seams on the big shirt, cut the pieces out of it, and sewed it all together. Voila!

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AmberRay said...

Very cute and well done.