Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daily Grind

I was going to lead with an apology for abandoning the old 'blog again, but it seems like that's been done before, no?  Let's change things up a bit.  
You know I'm busy.  

Things I've been up to lately include but are by NO means limited to...




 But mainly this...

...and this.  

That would be... 
an Easter dress for a 3 year old based off of a picture of a dress from a boutique that my good friend wanted for her girl but could not obtain; a skirt I whipped up for myself and LOVE; a hefty stack of cloth napkins that I made out of samples of fabric that were discontinued at a furniture store, given to me by a friend who used to work there (completely free, awesome cloth napkins!!); my 3 year old and almost-5 year old; and my 1 year old and my 29 year old--err, my handsome husband and the capable provider for our family.  (LOVE that guy!)

Just didn't want to leave you hanging... even longer.  More later. 
(How much later??  Shall we begin to place bets??)

Oh, while I'm here, I'll impart a small nugget.  I have begun to indulge in a little afternoon treat that I want to chat about for a second.  In the morning, I make an extra cup of coffee--just one more than what I normally drink.  I doctor it up with a small shot of chocolate syrup, pop it into the fridge, and in the afternoon I mix some almond milk in it and have it over ice--TA DAA!  Iced coffee, with next to NO effort!  I leave it in the pot, adding the syrup after I've drank all I'm going to drink for the morning (but before it goes into the fridge so that the sugar dissolves completely), so I don't have any extra dishes.  If you're lucky enough to tolerate dairy, you could add cream or regular milk, and some sugar makes it a little more "treat-y".  
Okay, so it's not an original idea, but it is a small way that makes my afternoon a little happier, and helps to ward off the cravings that so easily turn into chocolate chip binges.  The reason I thought of it right now:  I'm having one, with a bit of vodka (I know, I know--whiskey would make it a proper Irish coffee, but I didn't have any) as a nightcap after a long day. Don't worry.  It's decaf.
And.  It's.  Awesome.  


Jackie said...

I have been trying to enjoy iced coffee, all my friends are enjoying..i tried making it from pioneer womans blog, eww that was horrible..I will give your recipe a try!! Yeah left over in the fridge add , uh , I drink rice milk not real milk or almond milk..but I will give it a go!! I so want this to taste good...hmmm.

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