Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick Update

There are tons of things happening here, but none that have been documented lately. :P

To begin with, we survived Christmas. I'm assuming most of you did, too, and those who know what traveling and celebrating with 3 under 4 is like can appreciate why this is worthy of reporting!

The kids got so many gifts that they're not even all opened yet. Not because I'm mean, but mostly because...

We're moving!
As soon as our house sells we're relocating to the Columbia, Missouri, area. This will get us closer to family. And it's a great area, so as much as I don't like moving, it'll be a good one for us. Finally, the roots can go down and we can officially unpack all the boxes! This will be the 6th move in 4 1/2 years (7 moves if we have to get into a rental first). I'm ready to be done with it!

Oliver's first official social smile showed itself at 4 weeks, and at 6 weeks it's coming easier and more frequently. The secret is making smoochy noises into his little mouth and on his cheeks, and he does this:

And if you keep working at it, it gets bigger:

My older two are doing great, too, even with the hacking cough and dripping nose they're sporting these days. And we're getting through Hubby only being home on weekends (he's already started his new job 2.5 hrs away). I'm insanely busy, trying to ready the house to sell and purge and keep up with it all, by myself. It's battle: me against the kids! We take it day by day. As anticipated, my Etsy shop is taking a temporary back seat to life for now. I'm hoping that keeping it in the forefront of my brain will get me back to it quicker, once we figure out a new "normal" with 3 babies and a new house. Wish me luck!

And there you have it. Fun, eh? :) Happy New Year!

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