Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today In My Craft Room Part I: Ruffle Skirt with Pockets

This wasn't a project that I should have done today, if only because it's so low on my priority list. But at this point, still low[er than normal] on energy and inspiration, I'm just rolling with whatever catches my fancy in order to just get back into the swing of creating. So today I spent almost 2 (!!!) hours making a matching skirt and purse for Little Miss. And I snapped pics along the way, just for you! So, here's the skirt (which I should have made a touch bigger, but she hasn't taken it off yet so it must be adequately comfy).

I am disappointed in this pictures, because the skirt is actually a lot cuter than it looks here on the hanger! I'll have to snap a shot of Little Miss in it later. For tomorrow, we'll plan on the purse! Stay tuned. You're gonna want a Mom-sized one, I promise. :D

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